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Glidehouse Exterior Photos

Glidehouse photographed at Sunset Magazine headquarters in Menlo Park, CA, 13 May 2004.
Photographs taken by Michael Sylvester. Copyright Sandor Pty Ltd 2004.

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See floorplan for reference (will open in a new window).

Front deck.
Outdoor living.
Deck onto kitchen.
Doors into kitchen and living area. Photovoltaic cells on roof.
Master bedroom on right.
Sliding doors from living room onto main deck.
Looking from kitchen down to living. Track allows shade panels to slide the entire length of the front pavilion.
BBQ outside kitchen.
Deck configuration for Sunset Celebration weekend.
Wide shot - the whole structure.
Master bed on right. Scary colored hot tub.
The two modules. Public (kitchen, living, dining) on left and private (bedrooms, bathrooms) on right. Master bedroom at front right.
Rear courtyard deck. Second bedroom is on left.
Courtyard deck. Sliding door onto second bedroom.
Courtyard deck door into main living area.
Skin detail.
Rear wall, Siding changes where the master bedroom on left meets bathroom on right.

Door on right is to mechanicals/utilities cupboard (see detail page). The CMU footings are only temporary...

© Copyright Sandor Pty Ltd